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Full 2020 Summer Hair Trend Guide. From Bobs to Rachel

As the world is waking up from this strange Spring season, slowly taking its first steps outside and booking salons like crazy it’s about time to think if your usual haircut needs a makeover.

We are firm believers that now is a great time to try out that old-new-again look, cut those bangs or go full on blond if you never been one.

However, if you are not sure about the makeover look, we got some inspiration for you. Check the hottest hairstyle trends for 2020 summer, cherry picked by stylists and professional hairdressers and be spot-on for that moment you will be able to step into a summer beach bar. Let’s dive in.


Bobs are here to stay.

For a long time when you thought about bob hair you would immediately imagine Anna Wintour. Times have evolved so did bobs and apparently they are really hot this summer.

French girl bob

French women always radiate unique je ne sais quoi when it comes to beauty, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that their version of a bob has the same mysterious vibe. Nonetheless, a woman rocking a French bob looks confident, chic and effortless and that checks all the boxes for a spot-on look.

French girl bob has more texture than a regular one, being a bit fuller, messier and longer. I woke up like this waves and curls make this haircut suitable for many life occasions, styles and moods. It will look great right after washing and if that is not the best quality of a haircut, we don’t know what is.

Chin length bob

What’s so special about this bob is it’s sharpness created by the structure of the bob. It ends right by the chin line and gives out that don’t mess with me vibe. This one also looks great right after the wash and it can be styled in so many ways, from the wet hair look to straight, classic looking bob.

There is a catch though, to fully embrace this particular bob you need fine delicate facial features as it will be exposed by the haircut even more. Make sure you want to have that definition before you get the chin length bob.

Old-new styles

You’ve probably already noticed that everything once considered outdated came back to the fashion world as a storm and it’s picking up the speed ever since. Hairstyles are no different. You might see more women going back to hairstyles their moms or TV show stars rocked 30 years ago.

Some bad hairstyles made a comeback also, but we will cover only those we are super nostalgic about and were untruthfully forgotten.

The Rachel

You can’t mix this one with anything else. Friends were so huge back in the day, and the haircut embraced by Rachel right from season one became one of the trademarks of the decade. A version of Rachel haircut was embraced by Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber and we have a feeling we will see more of that.

The definitive feature of this hairstyle is layers upon layers upon layers.. It goes on and on. Modern version of Rachel is a bit longer and less defined but you can still feel that it is THE LOOK. So if you feel nostalgic about those times, Rachel might be the choice for you as it is so hot right now.


Bangs have been coming and going, making their big public appearances around the sixties when every woman wanted to try the bangs on. This summer bangs are back in all lengths and styles.

The menu is wide this year, you can choose from curtain bangs, micro bangs, textured bangs and wavy bangs. There is a trend throughout these styles - it all aims to look effortless and a bit messy.

If you will be going for a bob, bangs are inevitable for the full look, but if you are looking for something else and you never tried out the bangs it can be a bit tricky. Bangs don’t work for everyone the same. Of course, there are styles to choose from so we advise to search the variety of styles first and pick the one that suits you the best.


When it comes to discussing trendy colours and shades each year it’s hard to draw a line between what is hot and what is not. However, each season you will get some hair colouring standouts, usually from the celebrities and it becomes a thing right away.

Bronde aka Strawberry Blonde

That’s the perfect colour if you’ve been debating about going blond or going brown for too long. It’s the sweet spot in the middle, when no one can really say what squad you belong to. The shades of this look varies highly being darker or lighter hence the name strawberry blonde.

Warm colours are generally more flattering across many skin tones, therefore many celebrities have already tried the look. It can be called the foster child of balayage or faded roots colouring and since the latter are loved by many women, you will love the this look even more.

Money piece

That’s the hairstyle Beyonce and a bunch of other Divas are embracing hence the name doesn’t come as a surprise. If we would simplify it, this colouring is basically a face-framing highlight around the front hairline made via the balayage technique.

Some of you might remember Rogue from the X-men, who had a framing highlight, and we would argue that Money piece is an updated, modern version of that.

It looks amazing on slightly darker hair as faded lighter strands softens features and highlights the eyes. What’s great about this colouring is it’s low maintenance, even if you have the roots showing already, it will still look great and natural.


2020 has been all about that fade and shade. Dark to light, light to lighter, whatever combo you can think about it was and still is trendy. We personally can’t get enough dark roots to blonde fade look as it looks great and most importantly is a look that lasts so long.

With such fade you will never have to worry about booking the salon months in advance to be right on time before the roots start showing, because that’s the main point of this colouring. Combine this with beach waves and you will forever look ready and on point.


It’s hard to talk about styling when it is usually dictated by the haircut and with some of them even the best styling tips will not work. However, 2020 has seen few super versatile styling trends that work for most of the cuts and colours.

Beach waves

We can’t have a list of the hottest summer hairstyles and not mention beach waves. No one knows when this hairstyle became a THING so we will draw our own conclusions stating that beach waves were probably popular before there was even e concept of a hairstyle.

How can it not, since beach waves is the ultimate summer I-woke-up-like-this look. Done right, it always looks effortless and relaxed just like you want your days at the beach to be.

The Wet Look

There is something about the wet look that makes it badass. It is more of a look than a hairstyle, being extremely difficult to maintain day to day. However, if you have a special occasion approaching trying on the wet look can be an option.

For the classical wet look you want to use a lot of hair gel and shine cream, it has to look like you just stepped out of water. It also works for slicked back ponytails, giving that smoothness and edge.

Textured braids

Embracing texture is big this year so no wonder it transfers to braids also. Big, textured braids are making their way on the red carpet and we can’t be more excited about that. Ever since Lara Croft braided her hair and became one of most sought after female badasses, the braids got elevated into a next level. It’s no longer the look of a schoolgirl, it’s edgy and sleek.

Pro tip: combine beach waves and braids into one memorable look. Style a couple of hair clips and you’ll have a look suited for so many occasions.

Any hairstyle looks amazing when your hair is healthy, shinny and strong. As we know, It takes time and effort to look effortlessly chic sometimes, meaning taking good care of your hair every day.

It might not always come easy, but we want to step in to help you with natural hair care products full of nutrients and vitamins vital for hair health. Try Moérie treatment and be sure that every hairstyle looks amazing on you!

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