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7 Actionable Hair Care Tips You Can Apply Today

There are two fundamental questions when it comes to hair care:

  • Why can’t my hair look like ‘out of salon’ everyday?

  • Why does it cost a fortune when you finally decide to?

We could write a whole book about it, and it would drill down to one main point - the secret formula of having your dream is very simple - taking care of them every day. Most of the time in life it's those little bits that count and hair is no exception. We know it sounds cliche, but don’t roll your eyes yet.

Truth be told, there are no miracle products. Put any ‘miracle’ product on hair that has been bleached for 30 years and you will see 0 effect after the first use. That’s just not how most hair care products work.

So here is our top 7 list of super actionable tips you can apply to your every day routine and improve health and look of your hair significantly spending close to nothing!

#1.You better brush them before you wet them

We love this rule A LOT since it’s so simple and actionable. Why? Because wet hair is more vulnerable to breakage, and if it’s super tangled when you shower it will exceed that breakage.

Also, when it is nicely brushed, it absorbs moisture and hair care products greater. And if you need more convincing, it will be much easier to brush your hair after shower forgetting what it means to jam through that massive tangled ball of hair that appeared without your knowledge.

#2. Turn down that heat

You know how men always joke about women taking a lava-hot shower that almost burns the skin? Well, it is very true most of the time and even though it is super soothing, lava water is really bad for your hair.

It irritates the scalp, possibly weakening hair follicles and preventing hair growth. Yeah, it’s that serious. So the next time you go to shower escape the temptation for steaming hot water and turn it down a little. Your hair will thank you for a rush of warm or even cold water.

#3. Know what’s in there

Truth be told, you can spend a gazillion on the most luxurious treatments and it would all go to waste if your day-to-day hair products contain ingredients that shouldn’t be near your hair. Don’t waste your money and nerves - check the labels! ALWAYS!

You DON’T want to see there:

  • Silicons (hell no!)

  • Parabens (that is just unacceptable)

  • GMO

  • SLS

  • Formaldehyde

  • Synthetic Fragrances


  • Biotin

  • Caffeine

  • Macadamia oil

  • Fulvic minerals

  • Essential oils

  • Aloe vera

  • Shea butter

  • Seaweed collagen

If you pick up a product and see at least one ingredient from the don’t list, put it down and step away from the shelf. And if the product is free from all the bad stuff AND contains some of the good - you know it’s a match to be!

#4. Condition, condition please condition!

Moisture in your hair is soo important, we can’t stress that enough and we will be brave to make a claim that conditioner is more important than a shampoo.

Sounds strange since some people don’t even condition and their hair is fine? Well, lucky them. But that’s not the reality for most of us. High quality conditioners are full of wonderful ingredients hair lacks, so it’s a straight up vitamin and mineral bomb. Trust us, you want that!

We highly recommend religiously using conditioners or hair masks bringing fabulous conditioning, making hair look glossy, healthy and juicy. Indulge yourself with deep conditioning spa retreat at least 3 times a week. It’s soo worth it.

Bonus argument - if you blow dry a lot, conditioner protects hair from the heat!

Condition, condition and condition. Case closed.

#5. Don’t skip the scalp

One thing most of us forget is maintaining a healthy condition of our scalp skin, hence keeping hair follicles clean and full of nutrients. Poor scalp treatment leads to thinning hair, dandruff, frizz and basically everything you don’t want for your hair.

Therefore, weekly scalp treatments is A MUST. For that you can use a special scalp scrub or mineral and vitamin essence for hair follicles. If you don’t wish to use any extra products, just make sure you massage your scalp every time when washing hair. It promotes blood flow to follicles and a natural production of keratin.

#6. Let them loose

Speaking about blow drying, the rules and simple here - if you can avoid that you really should. Leaving hair to air dry is the best way to dry them.

Of course, blow drying lets you style hair without any extra equipment but there is a way to have that with air dry also. Just sleep with damp hair in two loose braids, it will smooth the frizz and will give you romantic beach waves.

#7. “Use my t-shirt for what?”

For drying your hair, instead of a towel. A bit weird, I know, but It makes so much sense. Your cotton I <3 NY t-shirt is gentler on your hair than your average towel. And we love to twist hair into that Burj-Khalifa tower don’t we? Cotton T-shirt is a way better option for that, since it doesn’t ‘strangle’ hair so much when they are the most vulnerable.

Even professional hairstylists use it, so you have to try it out yourself.

When it's time for your next hair wash just remember each of these tips and you will be sure to notice positive change. And if finding the right hair care product has been a struggle for you, we highly recommend trying out Moérie.

Moérie products are developed taking into consideration hair growth stages, combining the knowledge with natural super ingredients like Fulvic minerals and biotin, also making it FREE from silicones, prabanens, GMO and SLS.

Don't waste time, order Moerie product today and start your hair growth journey!


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